Showerwise Filter System

Feel healthier and safer when you use Showerwise! Say good-bye to that swimming pool smell. Breathe a lot easier. Reduces stinging, burning eyes and itchy, dry skin. No more unmanageable hair.

Enjoy Safe, Chlorine Free Showers
Decreases Stinging, Burning Eyes
Reduces Respiratory Problems
Risk of Diseases Lowered
Smoother, Softer Skin
Skin Rashes Reduced
Less Sinus Irritation
Healthier Hair

The Showerwise Filter effectively removes chlorine to enhance your health and beauty. The replaceable filter cartridge uses a patented new filtering media called KDF 55. Unlike carbon filters, Showerwise Filters work best in warm or hot water.

To enjoy a chlorine free bath, just fill your tub with water from your filter. Your shower and tub stay cleaner longer. It's also easy to take your Showerwise with you when you travel.

Save Money, Water & Energy!

Enjoy the benefits of a chlorine free shower and save precious water and energy. The energy saving Massage Showerhead can save a family of four up to 20,000 gallons of water and about $200.00 a year in lower utility bills.

The 9 jet massage-action showerhead is constructed from high impact ABS thermoplastic that is corrosion free. The showerhead flow technology offers you adjustable settings from soft to forceful.

How the Showerwise System Works...

The Showerwise Filter uses a patented new filtering media called KDF 55. This "golden sand" is made of a special high purity copper and zinc alloy. It effectively removes chlorine and other contaminants including lead, iron ,arsenic, mercury and hydrogen sulfied.

The filter effectively controls several types of bacteria including algae and fungi. The stainless steel mesh strainer helps filter out dirt and sediment.

The Showerwise Filter contains more KDF 55 than most other shower filters. It has 10 to 20 times the life and effectiveness of any carbon only filter. Unlike carbon filters, the Showerwise Filter works best in warm or hot water. Its long life performance is a breakthrough in shower water treatment technology.

Easy to Install and Use

Your Showerwise Filter with Deluxe Massage Showerhead arrives already assembled and attaches easily to your shower pipe. No special tools are required.

The replaceable filter cartridge is easily reversed for a back wash mode to ensure optimum performance. Life expectancy is about 15,000 gallons or approximately 12 to 18 months, depending on water quality. The filter cartridge can be replaced in less than a minute.

The Risks of Chlorinated Showers

The dictionary defines chlorine as a "gaseous greenish-yellow element used as a bleaching and disinfecting agent." As a disinfectant it kills bacteria. As a bleaching agent it makes contaminants colorless. In your shower water it is just another vaporized chemical that may increase your risk of illness and make you feel like you are showering in swimming pool water.

"The skin, the body's largest organ, can easily absorb contaminants found in water which pass through it into the bloodstream. The experts are just beginning to understand the potential health hazards from skin absorption of water contaminants." Health & Longevity August 1994

Scientists warn you can inhale and/or absorb chlorine vapors and other pollutants while taking your shower. Asthma, allergy, sinus and emphysema sufferers should be aware that their conditions could become worse.

Recent studies have confirmed that your risk for life threatening diseases can increase when showering with chlorinated water. These risks include bladder and rectal cancer and heart disease. Small children, the elderly and those who have weakened immune systems are more susceptible.

"Researchers from Boston University's School of Public Health, point out that we absorb up to six times more volatile chemicals through our lungs and skin while bathing, than from drinking water." Health World Newsletter

Warm shower water opens your pores causing your skin to act like a sponge. Tests show that your body can absorb more chlorine by taking a ten minute shower than by drinking 8 glasses of the same water.

Chlorine bonds with and destroys the proteins in your hair making it dry and unmanageable. It can make your scalp dry, dandruff worse and ruin tinted or chemically treated hair. Your skin and eyes may become dry and itchy.

"There is evidence that shows that chlorine can destroy protein in our body and cause adverse effects on skin and hair." Dr. Riddle, PhD., Kemysts Laboratory

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