Water Softeners/Conditioners

Enjoy the gentle touch of conditioned water with our performance proven systems.

Many water supplies contain hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium). These minerals form a seal and create problems in water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, humidifiers and plumbing systems. The modern and efficient water conditioning systems eliminate hard water problems. They remove calcium and magnesium and low level iron from your water supply by filtering it through a resin softening medium. Potassium chloride or sodium chloride is used to revitalize the system periodically to provide soft water for your daily needs.

Conditioned Water Does Make A Difference

Soap Saver: Hard water impairs the cleansing strength of detergents. Conditioned water not only delivers greater washing power, it reduces soap requirements (up to 70%). Protects your washing machine at the same time.


Clothes Brightener: Clothes last longer; come out fresher, cleaner, and softer when washed in conditioned water. Colors stay brighter, too.


Money Stretcher: The cost of your cleaning supplies will drop dramatically with conditioned water because you'll use less soap ... fewer harsh chemicals and detergents ... to get the job done.


Dish Sparkler: Tired of streaks and spots on glassware and dishes? Conditioned water eliminates the problem, and helps your dishwasher last longer too.

Hand Soother: Red, roughened hands are usually the by-product of hard water. Conditioned water caresses, doesn't irritate.


Hot Water Guard: Conditioned water adds longer life to your water heater by minimizing the scale build up created by hard water minerals. Saves you money, too. Less energy is required (17%-21%) to heat hot water tanks without a scale build up.