When a water supply becomes contaminated, correct the problems at once. It's the basic rule of water sanitation to get to the source of the problem and eliminate it.

There are a number of ways of chemically disinfecting water. Of these, chlorination is most widely used.

Chlorine is normally fed into water with the aid of a feed pump. The first chlorine fed into the water is likely to be consumed in the oxidation of any iron or hydrogen sulfide present in any supply including bacteria if present. When the chlorine demand due to these materials has been satisfied, the chlorine left over remains as a chlorine residual.

Delivering automatic, economical, pump-to-faucet protection for home and farm well water systems. From clogged pumps and stained fixtures, to odors, slime and disease carrying bacteria, most water problems originate in the well. So it just makes good sense to treat these problems at their source...Right in the well itself.

The Land-O-Matic with its unique dry pellet chlorination, is the most reliable and economical system available today for the automatic chlorination of well water. In the home, the Land-O-Matic eliminates nuisance bacteria from portable water. On the farm, it helps prevent the spread of waterbone disease among livestock and poultry. And the Land-O-Matic does away with many other unpleasant side effects of untreated well water.

The Land-O-Matic Dry Pellet Chlorinator provides both farm and home with healthier, better tasting water right from the well.